1. Display temperature,humidity and time simultaneously

2. Memory of MAX &MIN measuring value

3. 12-hour/24-hour display system selectable

4. ℃/℉ unit selectable

5. Integral-hour alarm function

6. Alarm function

7. Clock & Calendar function (month and date)

8. Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging

1. open the battery door according to the indicated on the back of the machine, install the battery, then the machine is ready to use.

2. Key function:

MODE:switch clock and alarm display mode/set current clock, alarm clock, 12 or 24 hour format, date; (ADJ) adjust the value of the set item;

MEMORY:display the highest & lowest temperature and humidity in memory Value/Clear the highest & lowest temperature humidity value in memory;

℃/℉:Switch the temperature unit to display in ℃ (Celsius) or ℉ (Fahrenheit);

RESET:Clear all set & memorized values ​​and to be the initial state.

3. Press (MODE) for 2 seconds in the initial state, the minutes and seconds of the current time start to flash, press (ADJ) to adjust the minutes and seconds, and press (MODE) continuously to set “clock” and “12/24” respectively. , “Month (M)”, “Day (D)”.

4. In the current clock mode (the two points between the clock and the minute flash once per second), press (MODE) once to switch the display to the alarm mode (the two points between the clock and the minute do not flash), at this time press ( ADJ )can switch the “Alarm” function / “Hourly time” function switch, then press and hold (MODE) for 2 seconds, you can set the alarm time, and at the same time start the “Hourly time” function, the symbol appears.

5. In the alarm mode, if there is no operation, it will automatically return to the current clock after one minute.

Package Include:

1Pcs x HTC-1 Humidity Thermometer Gauge .

(Don’t include battery )

This  thermometer hygrometer helps measuring the temperature and humidity level in real time. And show the reading continuously in seconds on the large screen with cute icons.Simple to get an accurate reading. Turn on and wait for 3~5 minutes for it to calibrate automatically. After calibration, the reading will fluctuate instantaneously due to your room air conditions at ±2℉ & ±5%RH.

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HTC1 THERMOMETER AND HYGROMETER HTC1 Thermometer and Hygromete...


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