Colors can look different under different lighting conditions – outside in daylight, inside retail stores or in your home. A consistent light source, that accurately simulates various environments, can help you make color critical decisions under optimal conditions. It can also help you catch metameric effects where two colors appear to match under one type of lighting, but fail to match under another.

Having a reliable and comprehensive process to evaluate color is essential, especially in print and manufacturing. Spotting problems early saves time and money later. Reworks are costly in materials, time and resources, and can reflect poorly on quality control. The ability to match specific lighting conditions that customers use to display products or approve samples, is also imperative.

Pantone Light Booths are just the tools to make sure you see colors in the best possible light – literally! Light booths can be purchased in either a 5-light or 3-light configuration with either a D50 bulb option or a D65 bulb option. Here’s how to know which setup is right for you:

D50 Light Option or D65 Light Option?

The D50 light simulates Daylight at a color temperature of 5,000K, what we call horizon light like in the morning or late afternoon. It is ideal for evaluating printed materials and comparing Pantone Formula Guide Samples.

The D65 version simulates Daylight at a color temperature of 6,500K, what we call noontime. It is ideal for evaluating hard/soft goods, textiles and coatings and comparing FHI Color Guide Samples.

3-Light or 5-Light Configuration?

The 3-Light Booth configuration provides 3 different light settings for effective color evaluation. The settings include:

  • Daylight D65 or D50, depending on which option you choose
  • Home “A” Tungsten
  • Store Color White Fluorescent (CWF) (principally used to simulate lighting in stores in the USA)

The 5-Light Booth configuration provides the same 3 light settings above, plus two additional settings:

  • Whites UV
  • Store TL84 (principally used to simulate lighting in stores in Europe & the Pacific Rim)

Regardless of which set-up fits your needs best, a Pantone Light Booth is a critical tool for accurate color evaluation, communication and decision-making. Get a Pantone Light Booth today and stop working in the dark!

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Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 22 cm
3 lights

3 lights

5 lamp, D50

5 Lamp D 50

5 lamp, D 65

% lamp D65


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